Saturday, January 31, 2009

26 Jan: Innovative Celebration

The State of Tamil Nadu celebrated 26 January- Republic day of India by innovative way. I really like it and I request to all of you to take inspiration of this for next year. Please follow it & convert it in a good tradition so as it will be continued for years and years; as well as at all the places, cities, towns in India and abroad.
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar's great contribution is undebatable behind the Republic Day of India. So, the due credit must be given to Him. But it is not being done.
What TN people did? On 26 Jan they gathered in thousands near Dr. Babasaheb's statues and took oath of unity, humanity and scarification, devotion to Nation; as well as to work for the progress of our country and matured democracy.
Isn't it good idea? Patriotism and due credit to Dr. Ambedkar- architect of Indian Constitution. We may add public reading of Preamble also.
Then what? Let us decide for next Republican day... Let's plan from today ...

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  1. well yes it is indeed a very good idea......