Saturday, January 24, 2009

Castless Society & Brahmins

Huge Multilingual Brahmin Sammelan started at Bhugaon, Pune. According to me it is one more attempt to keep inhumanist Caste System alive. Ironically, it is crucial issue to find out that How many Brahmins are following their traditional profession and all other acts mandatory to them? If answer would go against majority of Brahmins, why should they be called Brahmin --- is another unsolved question!!
We can easily recollect that --- many Brahmins were opposing reservation based on castes. The popular reason was being told that it was harmful to united India and it boosts castism.
As "castes by birth" in India is brainchild of Brahmanism & they reaped its fruits for centuries; it is their turn to destroy castes.
If Brahmins really want to bring up castless society, first of all they should proclaim in this Sammelan that --- Brahmin Caste is no more and hereafter nobody will call themselves Brahmin. They may pass resolution also. It will be great contribution to our nation.

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