Monday, January 26, 2009

Greatest Indian Festival

26 January--- Republic Day of India! Today being celebrated at government or official level. ---And as mere extension of Independent day!! Late Prime Minister Mr Rajeev Gandhi also mistaken this day as Independence Day only! Still many are ignorant of importance of this Great Day!
I think this is the Greatest Festival in India. Without this --- 15th Aug would have no meaning. Whatever we got on this day is revolutionary gifts. Major credit goes to Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar for Architecturing our Constitution. Still many don't know what is meant by Power! & so, when Power bestowed, they didn't recognize its value.
Also--- we can say---
on this day ----
Manu-Smriti Gayee!
Bhim-Smriti Aayee!!
Manu-smriti no-where!
Bhim-Smriti every-where!!
Now --- Let the Constitution percolate in our actual life --- for ideal India --- Humanist India --- Prabuddha Bharat!!

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