Friday, January 16, 2009

Mental Slavery---

On 14th Jan--- Women & Child Minister of Orissa State Ms Pramila Mallick entered in Shiva temple at Aradi in Bhadrak Dist in Orissa. As she is Dalit priests of the temple purified temple soon after her departure.
Some Aftermath to think over--
14th Jan. --Pramila Mallick later told The Telegraph: “I have visited several temples across the state. But this was the first time priests raised objections to my entry. Had they told me that I was not supposed to enter there, I would not have done it.”
15th Jan -- District Sub-Collector Ordered inquiry & found some priests guilty. As well as action against the priests assured.
16th Jan -- Additional District Magistrate (ADM), announced that nothing was happened & Ms Pramila Mallick got fare treatment.
See how the things are being managed?
This Incident was so INSULTING but Pramila said "Some religious rules are there in specific temples and I don’t see any harm if these are followed.” This is nothing but MENTAL SLAVERY. What dalit or women emancipation can be expected from such WOMEN WELFARE MINISTER?
Some more incidents from Orissa---
Sabestean, a person from Chile entered in Puri's Jagannath Temple on 16th Jan 2009. So priests closed it for 6 hours for purification.
In 2006, the Keredagarh temple in neighbouring Kendrapara district also raised objection to the entry of Harijans, but the high court ordered special enclosures to be built for them. However, the enclosures were pulled down after some months.
In November 2004, villagers beat up four Dalit women for entering an 18th century Jagannath temple at Keradagarh village in the coastal district of Kendrapada.
In November 2004, villagers had beaten up four Dalit women & fined Rs 1001/- for entering the Jagannath temple at Keradagarh village, 45 km from Kendrapada, Villagers had to get High Court order to enter in it.
An American engineer, Paul F Roediger, entered in Puri's Jagannath Temple on 03-03-2007. He was detained for 3 hours& released after fined Rs 209/- as well as meal worth Lakhs of Rs thrown away.
The late former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had also been denied entry into the temple as she had married a Parsi.
An American Pamela K. Fleig, who is married to an Indian Hindu, even though she has embraced Hinduism was denied entry in Lingaraj temple in Orissa.
Thailand's Crown Princess Sirindhorn was denied entry to Sri Jagannath Temple because she is a foreigner and a Buddhist.
Are these the Temples or the butcher houses of Humanism?
Instead Let simply boycott these temples.
(Photo with thanx from The Telegraph)

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  1. Two of the priests who had reportedly objected to Mallick, a Dalit, entering the sanctum sanctorum through an alleyway meant exclusively for servitors on Wednesday, did a vanishing act.
    TOI 16 Jan.