Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rahul Gandhi's Drama

Now a days Rahul Gandhi indulged in a fad of visiting dalit Bastis. What society benefits from it is big questionable matter; but it is sure that Rahul is getting big fame and publicity. Now he made climax of his stunt by spending a night in Dalit Basti with David Miliband. Reportedly he told Miliband that it was the real India.
Let us ask Rahul -- if it is so then why he is living in false India rather than real India? Why the condition is so pitiable after so many days? Who is responsible? What he is doing against those people? ---
And why Rahul didn't introduced Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar (who wrked a lot for this Real India) to the foreigner?
It is time for real India to speak out FOR RAHUL'S REALISATION that his stunt is nothing but USELESS.


  1. yes sir i also feel that it was a publicity stunt.....
    n its only our bad luck.....