Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Unlawful changes in women's name...

Sanjay Datta publicly took objection on surname of Priya Datta and opined that women doesn't have right to continue with maternal surname. As per him- married women must take surname of her husband. He is seems to be slave of patriarchal traditions and not ready to accept humanism.
This shows his orthodox and outdated mind. There is no law enforcing compulsion to women to change her surname & to take husbands surname. Automatic changing also not possible. One has to follow certain legal formalities to change name or surname. But there are many women changing their surnames without following those methods and thus Govt. being deprived for lot of revenue.
One simple question can be asked -- why men are not changing their surnames while forcing women to do such changes.
--- It is sure and certain --- work is too much... to do...

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