Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Why Makar Sankranti is Holiday?

Today is Makar Sankranti. I'm at home. Today is Holiday. Why? --- Just to eat Till-Laddu? Except it what other things students do -related to Sankranti- on this day? Probably nothing. I don't understand why Holiday is required just to eat Laddu?
Here in Maharashtra some are arranging for Haldi-Kunkum celebration. I never liked this celebration. It is just for So Called Saubhagyawatis. Widows not allowed. Kumkum is symbol of slavery. Women with Mangalsutra and Kumkum seems to me typical slaves, gulaam. In 9th std Lower Marathi Bok Ms Chhaya Mahajan also said the same.
TOI reported filthy ghats of Kanpur and Varanasi for Holy dips on the eves of Sankranti. I don't understand what holiness is in Polluting Ganga Water? Why "refraining people from such harmful activities" is not included in Ganga Purification Project?
When I was in Goa - women were preparing Khir-like something named dodol. Where women with manstruation were not allowed, as she is considered ASHUBHA- inauspicious! See the superstition.
In some books asked to give DAAN to Brahmins on this day. Why? Many festivals made it mandatory.
Recent news is --- 5 pilgrims & 2 children died at Gangasagar during Holy Bath. Meanwhile New number will also come. Now people will say --- they went in Heaven!! We may ask such people -- why the are not going to Heaven by this short cut?
Lastly again--- Is holiday require for such --- activities?

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  1. well u r rite abt the holiday....
    its not required at all....
    but if u look at it from a students prespective....
    its a day off from studies...
    but anyways students dont get break since they have tutions which last all day long.....
    so i feel its just rest for teachers.......