Wednesday, February 11, 2009

100% Result & 50% Salary!

Now a days Privet Schools are booming like anything! As those are permanently Un-aided, Govt is giving permission generously, to open such schools. It lessen financial burden of Govt. Many of such schools advertising their quality by producing 100% result. How it is obtained, is open secret! Recently Maharashtra Govt flashed a news that inquiry will be done of such schools. As usual it is praised. I wonder for the very short memory of mass. It is not first time of such proclamation. Why people not asking Govt --- what was done after previous announcements?
Contradictorily... many of unaided privet schools not giving salary as per rules to the staff. Not even 50% in many schools. It is quiet illegal. In such circumstances the school can be dis-approved or management can be changed or it can be handed over to staff-body.
But have you ever thought, how 100% or high results being achieved with 25 to 50% salary? What is this excellent management idea? The secret is TUITION ZINDABAD!!

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