Friday, February 13, 2009

Age Barred ... by Bar Council...

Bar Council of India has recently proposed age limit for LLB. It is 19 years for 5 years LLB after HSC & 30 years for 3 years LLB after graduation. It is sure & certain ... if it had been a limit, I would have notable to do my LLB.
I don't think any sense in this restriction. Education is life-long process. Secondly - Nearly all type of courses are being available from Open Universities. Thirdly - Foreign Universities surely to come with all new ideas. Fourthly - There are many successful advocates who done their LLB in late age.
Only the Court is not destination of Law Students. Many LLB holders have emerged as advisers, consultants, legal drafters, NGO managers, administrators, managers, IR-PR fields, writers etc. Banning such aspirants in the goose of age will prove injustice in the field of law & justice.
Anyway Bar Council had to take back its earlier decisions and this one will be surely added in that list.

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