Friday, February 20, 2009

Electric Meter: Reading Problem!

Our monthly average bill of electric usages is always and nearly same or uniform. But many of us might have been received fluctuated bills. As I am a Secretary of our Housing Society, I kept log of 2 meters of the society & 2 meters of mine. I found the reading by MSEDCL & me having considerable difference. ...I have pin-pointed the problem.
On 18th a person came to take meter reading, I verified his camera by which he was taking reading by capturing photos of the meters. N to my surprise... camera was set on 22nd Feb. It was nothing but a cheating with the customers. Even there can be a difference in billing due to the slabs of rate and you can be taxed more. I forced him to re-adust his camera properly.
We are busy in our work, so it is not possible to catch hold of the meter-reader on his arrival. So, the simple thing we can do--- we can keep a log of our meter. Even a small child can do it. Then we can complain to appropriate authority for justice. ( Even the media also ... like this one.) Every time plz take received sign-n-seal on the 2nd copy for further reference and action.

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