Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Informal Send-off !

Yesterday send-off given to std X students of TVM. We may call it INFORMAL SEND-OFF!! (though it was surely formal one.).
The sequence of the items were as follows-
1- Principal's Speech
2- Vice Principal's Speech
3- Superviser's Speech
4- Speeches of Mrs Shekharan, Mr Naykodi, Mr Aditya
5- Swagat- Geet
6- Speeches of Students
7- Snacks to Students
8- Snacks to Staff
I feel it is inverted sequence. Whatever the matter is, this time I enjoyed program. All were with free & clean mind. Even this batch also was simply better than the expectation of the Staff. Even after the program no student disturbed ongoing classes and work. Really we are missing wonderful students. Anyway they will make their best in future. I am hereby redefining words in "my personal dictionary " to add word Blessing, for all my loving students.
(I could not understand logic behind not giving send-off to students of std XII.)

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