Monday, February 16, 2009

Mobile in SChools: Why to ban?

Today there is a News in many News-Papers about Mobile in the Schools in Maharashtra as per order by Minister for Education Mr Patangrao Kadam.. I have not read the original resolution. But I have various versions of the news--- as follows---
1) Mobile phones will be baned for teachers in schools.
2) Mobile is banned for teachers in classrooms only.
3) Mobile is banned for students in schools.
We must count that we are in 21st century & not in 19th or 20th. While banning mobile for students easy communication facility like coin-box phones should be provided. Communication from parents also should be reached to the students promptly.
Banning Mobile for teachers in schools or in class-rooms is nothing but madness. Mobile is the dire need of the age. I am giving some example from my experiences...
1) Many time my students approached me to contact their parents urgently thru my mobile phone.
2) From Exam hall --- I had to contact to the Principal and Exam Incharge for urgent requirements.
3) In exhibition hall --- a student wanted some info about restriction on nuclear chain reaction and absorption of emissions. She could get info from GPRS on my Mobile.
I think all the teachers must have Mobiles with them in Schools and class-rooms compulsorily. It will facilitate better and prompt internal communication. Alongwith it Mobile Phone Code of Conduct can be forced ... like Mobile will be on silence mode, teachers should not use it while teaching, there should be proper & special reason for using it emergency etc. So that misuse at workplace can be avoided. We should not blame knife but the misusers only.
Finally let me ask one simple question --- whether the Ministers and officers are not using Mobile at their workplace?
There are many ways people misuse their workplace & worktime... like ... praying god, satyanarayan etc pujas, chatting, grooming, weaving, privet business etc... Why work culture is laking? How to bring it?

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