Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Saraswati in Nepal & Orissa---

I have read a news from Nepal in The Kathmandu Post. In short it was as under---
Dalit parents denied right to prayer to Saraswati.
Priest Dharmadev Upahdyaya, who was invited by Badimalika English Boarding school at Martadi of Bajura district on Saturday 31st January 2009, to conduct the ceremony, denied the Dalit parents from offering prayers & puja to Saraswati. Even the school Principal Binod Mishra ignored them when they complained to him about the priest's actions. Priest Upahdyaya and Principal Mishra both apologized for the incident after the Dalit parents, along with Martadi-based rights activists, lodged complaints at the District Administration Office on Sunday.
Another News is from Orissa in Indian Express--
Dalit students barred from offering Saraswati puja
Kendrapara, Orissa: Dalit students at a government-run primary school were allegedly prevented from offering puja and having 'prasad' during Saraswati puja at a village in Kendrapara district on January 31.
What you think after reading these news? I think Parents & Students should think seriously over "so called Gods." When Saraswati is known as Goddess of Knowledge but she could not spark knowledge of Humanity & equality in the brain of her devotees like above mentioned priest, principal & others, it is useless to worship her for knowledge purpose. There are many people who don't worship Saraswati but having lot of Knowledge!

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