Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Slumdog & Cricket

All of us know the history made by Slumdog & it is meaningless to narrate it here. But I found Indian people could not understand its due importance. Let us compare it with cricket-euphoria. What is more important? Victory in the cricket match or Victory in Oscar? But Oscar is not celebrated by us to that extend of cricket.
Actually I feel cricket is harmful to us by many ways. It may be more useful to Gamblers. They make settings and we are fool to go after it. It is nothing but time pass and driving our attentions away from our real problems. Example of Slumdog Celebation is live and eye-opening; where no other proof is needed. It's the hight of all.....
And now Ex-Captain Mansoor Ali Pataudi demanded to announce Cricket as National Game! I think he is going mad. Whether he want to do game of Hockey? ....

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