Sunday, February 15, 2009

Solution for Pakistan!

I can not dare to say that I am an expert in International Politics. But I am seriously thinking about Pakistan. It is really BECHAARI country! In that RELIGIOUS country religion is nothing but the fanaticism. India will be mostly affected country by Pakistan's ill andabnormal condition. Therefore it is our duty to help & save Pakistan.
Pakistan is also totally faded up with Talibans, Lashkar like terrorism. So helpless rulers of Pakistan asked for HELP!
In such situation one solution came in my mind...
Pakistan may get emerged in India and its states as autonomous & secular ones.
(Indian Constitution is a Great Document, provides article 370 which has provision for it.) Then Taliban & other terrorism in Pak should be handled by USA & India together.
It is like day-dreaming, but terrorist may not leave other way for Pakistani leaders & people. Let us see!

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