Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Holi is Harmful & Out-dated Festival

Holi is harmful festival thru many angles, as well as it is not fit to the present age. It is largely beneficial if we will not celebrate it.
Some Holi facts:-
1. A pyre of wood is burnt; even by cutting fresh trees illegally & unethically. Whereas preservation of trees is need of time.
2. Abuses are showered on people, and other obscenities are observed.
3. Consumption of Liquor, Wines, Bhaang (i.e. cannabis indica), Charas & other intoxicants.
4. Gambling by many ways also followed. Police force is overburdened and fringe crimes take their hight.
5. Rangpanchami observed with harmful, chemicals, colours etc. Dirt, mud etc. smeared.
6. Rangapanchami associated with Krishna’s color-playing with Gopikas. (I don’t know what moral to be taken!)
7. Story of Holika and Pralhada has no satisfactory explanation. It conveys message that- If you won’t follow Vedic Gods you will be destroyed.
8. Some are preaching to burn Garbage to celebrate Holi. But burning garbage is senseless matter inculcating wrong value. Instead proper management of it is need of time.
*In short----
Holi – Real “All Fools Day” of India! I hope we should not be one of the ---

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