Monday, March 16, 2009

Plz Join my Party!

Dear All,
Plz don't get shocked. I am starting my political party. I request you to join me and campaign for my party. Name & many things are yet to be decided. But one thing has been decided. That the symbol of my party will be ASHOK-STAMBHA or TRI-COLOR-INDIAN-FLAG or I may choose image of the famous God or religious symbol! Yes. It is firmly decided. If there will be any obstacle I'll fight in & beyond Supreme Court.
I am not going crazy, dear. I'm perfectly down to earth. There is firm logical foundation to my decision.
When BJP has been alloted Lotus ...which is regarded as National Symbol or emblem, ... which is a seat of Lord Brahma (father & Husband of Saraswati) , .... which is related with various deities, which is regarded as religious symbol .... then why I shall not get abovesaid National Symbol or Emblem or Religious Image as my election symbol?
... Am I correct no?

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