Saturday, March 14, 2009

Senseless Utterance of PM

During Id time on 10 th March some Muslim girls students met Prime Minister of India. He told them "Nobody has given license to criticize others' religion." It was unwanted preaching, even on wrong time. Those girls niether criticized any religion nor they complaint against such matter. Media gave more publicity to this senseless utterance of PM.
Mr Manmohan Singh had forgotten that he is PM of secular country, as well as the right of freedom of thoughts given by the constitution. There are many rubbish, inhuman things going on in the name of religions. Even there are many contradictions in the religious scriptures. Many things are outdated. PM will never give explanation -- why those things should not be criticized?
What PM will say about various social reformers? ... who rose their voice against religious madness? Or Mr PM will dare to labble them as MAD!
PM's statement direct another strange meaning --- one should criticize his/her own religion .... at any level ... right or wrong .... senseless of sensefull ... If you belong to that rreligion ... that criteris is sufficient!
Will PM rectify his mistake in abovementioned comment?

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