Monday, March 23, 2009

Sinners are afraid of Light

Here sinners means antisocial, harmful, corrupt ... people; while there is no religious references. Light means knowledge, openness, truth ...
I read a news in The Nation. It is---

Burma's Govt afraid of Mobiles & Internet!

The Paris-based media watchdog, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) published a report entitled "Enemies of the Internet", which named Burma as one of 12 countries that actively practices censorship and restricts freedom of speech on the Internet.

"The 12 enemies of the Internet … have all transformed their internet into an intranet in order to prevent their populations from accessing 'undesirable' online information," the RSF report said.

Last September, which was the anniversary of the revolution led by Buddhist monks, the Oslo-based Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB) website and two others leading websites (of the Chiang Mai-based Irrawaddy magazine and Delhi-based Mizzima) were attacked by unknown hackers. Most possibly by Burmese Govt from Burma's West Point cyber city. There is full-scale electricity supply and hi-speed Internet connections at Napyidaw (the country's official capital city) and the West Point cyber city. Whereas in all parts of the country faces severe scarcity of it.

A number of the students and activists were sentenced to 65 years in prison for violations of the electronic law, meaning that they had used cellphones, cameras, e-mail and the internet without permission from the authorities.

A recent UN report says that 6 out of every 10 people in the world use a mobile phone. But Burmese is the only political party in the world that has no telephone, no Internet or website in the 21st century! They have no permission to buy a cellphone, and are not permitted to own or even use an Internet line or aJustify Full laptop computer in Burma. If you live in Burma, you need permission from the authorities to buy a cell or land phone, a fax machine, an Internet line, computer, camera, satellite TV, or short-wave radio.

We must think why these people afraid of openness? We are having many examples of such people around us. Schools are afraid of making their account public! Why? Many Non Goverment Organisations, Local Self Govts will deny you their financial details! Why? Shopkeepers will not disclose real buying price of the goods! Manufacturers will keep production cost a big secret! Why?

But we are in new age. Flood of information will blast all such devil secrets & bring reality on the public platform. (Let's use Right to Information Act. & see the potato faces of concerned officers!) But in short what I want to say--- Let us bring light forward --- & darkness will disappear. Try to digg or fight with darkness... it will remain forever... & you will be finished. Openness is the cure of many ailments in the society.

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