Sunday, March 8, 2009

Women's Quit Religion Movement!

Its fact that all the religions deprived women by many ways. Religions not only denied rights to womens but also insulted by stamping as inauspicious and so on. I'll not write here about this matter because it is more common and known issue. Just in short religion made women nothing but & not more than slave or animal.
Inspite of knowing all these things women are not taking firm stand on religion. I'm glad to write here that Ashu Saxena, from Nagpur has taken firm stand and started Women's Quit Religion Movement. I found its novel idea having vast scope to spread throughout the world. Therefore it is our duty to back it up & involve in it. Though it is Women's movement, men also can be equal part of it.
Co-incidently she is my friend from my college days in Nagpur University, even together for 1st batch of Bachelor of Mass Communication in Nagpur University. She had played big roll in unearthing Khairlanji Dalit Massacre & in Manorama Kamble murder case... and so many other cases. She has also done MA in Ambedkar thoughts from Nagpur University. For bread & butter she is an officer in LIC & her husband Pramod Kawale in PWD. Her contact no- 09422108109

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