Sunday, March 29, 2009

Swiss Bank & Advani's Bluff

What BJP & Advani did to bring Swiss Bank Money in India... when BJP was in power?
Ironically ... during that period more money went there!!!!!
In 1992 Knshiramji had announced that he will bring Swiss Bank Money in India.
After 26 Feb 2008 - when news flashed from Berlin n Frankfrut -- about Swiss Bank deposits --- Indian Govt followed it & asked for details. But because of various restrictions we failed to get it. Govt is following.
Advani is fooling people & showing that he is so concerned about Swiss Money. Crocodile tears.
Why these people are not doing anything to unearth Black money in India? Whether they are indulge in that --- so ---?
Nitin Gadkari ka paisaa Swiss Bank me hai kya?
Mahajan & Munde ka saaraa paisaa kahaa hai... koi batayega kya?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Do not dial #90 or #09


Dear all,

IF SOME ONE ASKS YOU TO DIAL #09 or #90,Please Do Not Dial This When Asked, Please circulate URGENTLY. New Trick of Jehadi Muslim Terrorists to Frame Innocent People!! If you receive a phone call on your Mobile from any person saying that theyare checking your mobile line, and you have to press #90 or #09 or any other number.. End this call immediately without pressing any numbers. Friends there is a fraud company using a device that once you press #90 or #09 they can
access your SIM card and make calls at your expense. Forward this message to as many friends as u can, to stop it. This information has been confirmed by both Motorola and Nokia.There are over 3 million affected mobile phones. You can check this news at CNN web site also.

Pl take care.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sinners are afraid of Light

Here sinners means antisocial, harmful, corrupt ... people; while there is no religious references. Light means knowledge, openness, truth ...
I read a news in The Nation. It is---

Burma's Govt afraid of Mobiles & Internet!

The Paris-based media watchdog, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) published a report entitled "Enemies of the Internet", which named Burma as one of 12 countries that actively practices censorship and restricts freedom of speech on the Internet.

"The 12 enemies of the Internet … have all transformed their internet into an intranet in order to prevent their populations from accessing 'undesirable' online information," the RSF report said.

Last September, which was the anniversary of the revolution led by Buddhist monks, the Oslo-based Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB) website and two others leading websites (of the Chiang Mai-based Irrawaddy magazine and Delhi-based Mizzima) were attacked by unknown hackers. Most possibly by Burmese Govt from Burma's West Point cyber city. There is full-scale electricity supply and hi-speed Internet connections at Napyidaw (the country's official capital city) and the West Point cyber city. Whereas in all parts of the country faces severe scarcity of it.

A number of the students and activists were sentenced to 65 years in prison for violations of the electronic law, meaning that they had used cellphones, cameras, e-mail and the internet without permission from the authorities.

A recent UN report says that 6 out of every 10 people in the world use a mobile phone. But Burmese is the only political party in the world that has no telephone, no Internet or website in the 21st century! They have no permission to buy a cellphone, and are not permitted to own or even use an Internet line or aJustify Full laptop computer in Burma. If you live in Burma, you need permission from the authorities to buy a cell or land phone, a fax machine, an Internet line, computer, camera, satellite TV, or short-wave radio.

We must think why these people afraid of openness? We are having many examples of such people around us. Schools are afraid of making their account public! Why? Many Non Goverment Organisations, Local Self Govts will deny you their financial details! Why? Shopkeepers will not disclose real buying price of the goods! Manufacturers will keep production cost a big secret! Why?

But we are in new age. Flood of information will blast all such devil secrets & bring reality on the public platform. (Let's use Right to Information Act. & see the potato faces of concerned officers!) But in short what I want to say--- Let us bring light forward --- & darkness will disappear. Try to digg or fight with darkness... it will remain forever... & you will be finished. Openness is the cure of many ailments in the society.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Advani's IT Package: Bogus & Gross Cheating!

Dear friends,
Advaani's IT Package on the eve of elections is really bogus & it is gross cheating with voters. Here, in the same posting- tomorrow- I'll give all details of it.
I request you to visit afterword, read it & use the information in your posts, scraps, mails, articles to aware people. Plz try that people should not be the victims of such baseless propaganda.
(I'm in very short of time with many other work. I'll post this matter at earliest,)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Plz Join my Party!

Dear All,
Plz don't get shocked. I am starting my political party. I request you to join me and campaign for my party. Name & many things are yet to be decided. But one thing has been decided. That the symbol of my party will be ASHOK-STAMBHA or TRI-COLOR-INDIAN-FLAG or I may choose image of the famous God or religious symbol! Yes. It is firmly decided. If there will be any obstacle I'll fight in & beyond Supreme Court.
I am not going crazy, dear. I'm perfectly down to earth. There is firm logical foundation to my decision.
When BJP has been alloted Lotus ...which is regarded as National Symbol or emblem, ... which is a seat of Lord Brahma (father & Husband of Saraswati) , .... which is related with various deities, which is regarded as religious symbol .... then why I shall not get abovesaid National Symbol or Emblem or Religious Image as my election symbol?
... Am I correct no?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Senseless Utterance of PM

During Id time on 10 th March some Muslim girls students met Prime Minister of India. He told them "Nobody has given license to criticize others' religion." It was unwanted preaching, even on wrong time. Those girls niether criticized any religion nor they complaint against such matter. Media gave more publicity to this senseless utterance of PM.
Mr Manmohan Singh had forgotten that he is PM of secular country, as well as the right of freedom of thoughts given by the constitution. There are many rubbish, inhuman things going on in the name of religions. Even there are many contradictions in the religious scriptures. Many things are outdated. PM will never give explanation -- why those things should not be criticized?
What PM will say about various social reformers? ... who rose their voice against religious madness? Or Mr PM will dare to labble them as MAD!
PM's statement direct another strange meaning --- one should criticize his/her own religion .... at any level ... right or wrong .... senseless of sensefull ... If you belong to that rreligion ... that criteris is sufficient!
Will PM rectify his mistake in abovementioned comment?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

India-wide "Holi-Violence!"

I'm collecting all new from all possible corners & will be posting very soon. Plz visit latter....

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Women's Quit Religion Movement!

Its fact that all the religions deprived women by many ways. Religions not only denied rights to womens but also insulted by stamping as inauspicious and so on. I'll not write here about this matter because it is more common and known issue. Just in short religion made women nothing but & not more than slave or animal.
Inspite of knowing all these things women are not taking firm stand on religion. I'm glad to write here that Ashu Saxena, from Nagpur has taken firm stand and started Women's Quit Religion Movement. I found its novel idea having vast scope to spread throughout the world. Therefore it is our duty to back it up & involve in it. Though it is Women's movement, men also can be equal part of it.
Co-incidently she is my friend from my college days in Nagpur University, even together for 1st batch of Bachelor of Mass Communication in Nagpur University. She had played big roll in unearthing Khairlanji Dalit Massacre & in Manorama Kamble murder case... and so many other cases. She has also done MA in Ambedkar thoughts from Nagpur University. For bread & butter she is an officer in LIC & her husband Pramod Kawale in PWD. Her contact no- 09422108109

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Holi is Harmful & Out-dated Festival

Holi is harmful festival thru many angles, as well as it is not fit to the present age. It is largely beneficial if we will not celebrate it.
Some Holi facts:-
1. A pyre of wood is burnt; even by cutting fresh trees illegally & unethically. Whereas preservation of trees is need of time.
2. Abuses are showered on people, and other obscenities are observed.
3. Consumption of Liquor, Wines, Bhaang (i.e. cannabis indica), Charas & other intoxicants.
4. Gambling by many ways also followed. Police force is overburdened and fringe crimes take their hight.
5. Rangpanchami observed with harmful, chemicals, colours etc. Dirt, mud etc. smeared.
6. Rangapanchami associated with Krishna’s color-playing with Gopikas. (I don’t know what moral to be taken!)
7. Story of Holika and Pralhada has no satisfactory explanation. It conveys message that- If you won’t follow Vedic Gods you will be destroyed.
8. Some are preaching to burn Garbage to celebrate Holi. But burning garbage is senseless matter inculcating wrong value. Instead proper management of it is need of time.
*In short----
Holi – Real “All Fools Day” of India! I hope we should not be one of the ---