Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Religions are not above Criticism- Mumbai HC

In a significant ruling, a three-judge bench of the Bombay high court on Wednesday held that - in India, criticism of any religion -- be it Islam, Hinduism, Christianity or any other -- is permissible under the fundamental right to freedom of speech and that a book cannot be banned on those grounds alone.

The ruling was given with reference to an appeal by an author RV Bhasin who questioned the banning of his book Islam - A Concept of Political World Invasion by Muslims. by the Maharashtra Govt.

While the court admitted the RIGHT of Indian citizens to CRITICISE religions, it however still upheld the ban on Bhasins book saying...
The book contained "aggravated form of criticism made with a malicious and deliberate intention" to outrage the feelings of Muslims

It is good for us to know that....the court unequivocally declares..
"in our country, everything is open to criticism and religion is no exception. Freedom of expression covers criticism of religion and no person can be sensitive about it."

Well, the rider is "without outraging the FEELINGS of the religious"

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